A person optimistic about life, does not leave the smile with any kind of circumstances. Wishing happiness to all. Who made him innovate in the business world. In addition, that’s make him be able to create an effective concert or conference by surprised the customer needs by selecting and fitting the appropriate hall, and adding other options to complete the selection of the artist, DJ, theater, invitation cards, photographers, Equip buffet, choose the number and type of organizers, security and other required crew for that day. However marketing to the client if needed. In addition, he has devised a new way in the travel world. Where he listened to the customers’ needs and responded to make it be through this platform, where he organize of domestic tours in Saudi Arabia, and also international tours starting with Bali and Indonesian islands. But as we said in an innovative and smooth way that surprised the customer’s needs.
Dr. Mohammed Orfli
Incredible woman with a clear vision of the global and especially economic directives in order to lead our establisment in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serve all sectors of society in terms of providing opportunities for those who have the potentials based on the job description required for each activity within the Kingdom. We are distinguished by the presence of Maya with us as the CEO of the organization. We always in need to her usual support to hit our target.
Maya Ismail
CEO Lions Est - KSA
The right hand of the foundation is in Indonesia, especially in Bali and around the island of the Indonesian archipelago. Eva, she is our CEO of our establishment branch in Indonesia country in terms of management of the organization in the upper class, and attention to the satisfaction of our customers who are either going to attend our events there or enjoy our tours activities baccalaureate in that region in particular. We always in need to her productive efforts to share the luxury experience knowledge to our clients who seeks to try the joy and this will be great to stronger the global trade between the two sister countries, as in the vision of the Saudi Indonesian Expo that’s held in Jeddah - November 2018.
Eva Al Kathiry
CEO Lions Tour - Indonesia