Events Organising

Executing exhibitions, conferences and event management in a highly professional manner.

These are some of the samples videos that we have personally covered in the social media and cooperation with the relevant authorities as per their request, and there are more than that, such as  we have provided most of the events by the Saudis organizers (Male/Female) in order to work throughout such events, to guide the audience in the effectiveness way to their places concerned, so as not to lose any opportunity for them to enjoy all the effectiveness.

Currently, we are in the process of doing trainings the organizers and let them have a training certificates refers to their course attendance , in order to nominate them to obtain certificates of experience from the organizer when they start practicing.

We are ready to organise any kind of events that’s you want, where we are letting you select the site or halls and providing you the theaters with sound systems, lighting and screens, Execution, supply and installation of all lighting systems and theatrical instruments, in the package thats you could selecting it through this website, then you could submit your order in order to contact you as per the proper time thats you mentioned in the application form, to agree and pay us to serve you with a unique price thats may never see it with other competitors.

Goin Us On YouTube (DR.ORFLI)


We have the perfect readiness to photograph your events no matter where it is. If you have a wedding ceremony or similar or you have an effective private or public event or even outside the kingdom only provided us with what you want to do in this part, and leave the rest to us to surprise you with the outputs.

Total Videos


We offer 3 kind of videography services:

Weddings it is one of the most important parties that must pay attention to detail of the details and creativity in the outputs because it is a memorable memories, so we care about this part and we can work the scenario in modern and innovative ways.

Here is a challenge to work and highlight your works, which can bring the attention of customers to you by the cinematic techniques through which to attract the attention of the viewer and raised in terms of the desire to know more and to try your services or products by your awesome show.

What is your expectations? Do you want to make a video clip for a song, film, theater? We are ready for your desires as we have producers around the world to doing it as your demand.

Visual and audio production

We have a world wide network of producers in most languages. Thus, as per your demand if you would like to create the song for your commercial video clip or dedicated for your business nor the lyric section you want to own for your events. We can communicate with the competent authorities in order to make what do you like to have.

Digital Marketing

We have the ability to marketing for you in our Snapchat channel our influencer (Dr.Orfli) to make the required advertisements for your business or event either with him or by announcing snaps, we can also make filters for your events wherever you are around the world.

We have the ability to marketing for you in our Instagram channel our influencer (Dr.Orfli) to make the required advertisements as a posts or in the story for your business.

We have the ability to marketing for you in our Youtube channel our influencer (Dr.Orfli) to make the required advertisements as a video clip for your business.

Road Screens Marketing

We have the ability to market you business in the main screens channel in Jeddah King Abdulaziz Road, where we have a special price to display your products, services, or activities by us in those great XXL screens.

Please feel free to communicate with us and make sure to yourself. But the reduced price of early-onset.


Printing advertising banner

We have the ability to print your advertisements of all sizes desired by you, which will benefit you in the marketing process for you in the main streets of Jeddah or airports, malls. Where we have a special price to display your products, services or activities and your events by us at those distinctive sites.

Printing of static and mobile ads (banners, posters, banners, glass stickers)

One of the strategic marketing tools and communication by companies, help to launch products and deliver them to customers.

Please feel free to communicate with us and make sure to yourself. But the reduced price of early-onset.



You have the desire to make a web page that will frighten your business, or at the same time you want to make a personal blogger or special page, and style in line with this era of time, so we are able to achieve this in a record time in terms of booking the site you domain name you want without trouble and our prices are distinctive and high quality outpost services and most importantly, we guaranty the protections of the information security through SSL US certifications. 

We provide excellent services to our clients in the field of web design, hosting and technical development of software.


Domain Name & UK or US Hosting
E- Commerce & Social Website
HTML, PHP Programming & Java Scripting

In addition to the above, we have the ability to link the web page with the (App) IOS/Android  application, if you have the desire to do an application for your work.

And if you are looking for selling your services or products through your website, you can make this with us simply.

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