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Believe me, today we could do what others won’t, thus, tomorrow we can accomplish what others can’t. where the super matter in the scholar is to know how to belong to in the flesh. No matter being lonely because occasionally you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being you are. So again, loneliness adds fairness to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.

We don’t need to hate the fact when we say, that was my Number X. But we only hate the fact that we were once a part of us. When our Number X tells us that we will never find a person like him/her, say yes that’s the point. Dear Number X, stop getting involved in our life because it won’t hurt us, It will hurt you.

Moreover, one day your kids will ask you “What is love?” And you will look at your spouse and remember your Number X. Then, If we are still trying to impress our Number X then we are totally wasting our life. Because there is a hard and painful story behind every wet pillow.

So, is it the Number X means expired, and an expired one is poisonous. We don’t think so. sometimes it’s hard to forget your Number X but in time you will slowly very slowly forget about the one you once loved.

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In the digital music market. & the best stores worldwide. including the worlds most popular dedicated download, streaming and video services.

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SpotifyAvailable for: Download & Streaming
Spotify are the biggest name in streaming right now with tens-of-millions of listeners around the world tuning in to their massive platform filled with music, fun and exploration. Founded by Daniel Ek in his home country Sweden, Spotify has spread it’s reach to every corner of the globe with it’s beloved streaming service.
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YouTube Available for: Video Streaming
If you don’t know YouTube then welcome to the internet! Home to the biggest, most popular collection of videos on the web it’s a one stop shop for everything moving picture. We work with YouTube running a Network that helps creators get paid. We also work with YouTube’s Content ID which helps to protect music from being stolen and placed in any other videos as well as inclusion in YouTube’s subscription products.
YouTube Music Available for: Music Streaming, Video
YouTube is one of the first places people head to for music online. With that in mind they launched YouTube Music as a sister site and subscription service where listeners can find all of the music they love on YouTube in one place. Offering up music videos, live shows, and covers from their wealth of content YouTube Music has an edge on other services.
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iTunes + Apple Music Available for: Download & Streaming
When you want to buy music online, iTunes is the number 1 place to go. Since iTunes launched and exploded with popularity in 2003 Apple have also made the big move into music streaming.
In just a few years Apple Music has fought it’s way to the top and now stands side-by-side with the world’s biggest music streaming services.
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Amazon Mp3 Available for: Download & Streaming
Amazon have dipped their toes into a lot of pools and they certainly haven’t missed music. We work with all 3 of Amazon’s digital music services (yes, they have 3). Amazon Music Unlimited is their take on a traditional streaming service, Amazon MP3 is their downloads store which allows you purchase digital music from the Amazon site, and then there’s Prime music which comes with Prime and offers a stripped down version of Music Unlimited. That’s just about it, phew!
Deezer Available for: Download & Streaming
Deezer is France’s answer to streaming music. Deezer is one of the few platforms, including Spotify, to offer both free and paid music streaming. Building it’s way up from launch in 2007 Deezer has expanded across the world to become one of the top streaming contenders.
Facebook Available for: Download & Streaming
Facebook has connected over 1/8 of the entire world. The world’s biggest social network is a hub for staying in touch, reaching out to people and most recently entertainment. Videos have blown up to YouTube levels on Facebook and we will protect your music whenever it’s used to ensure you get what you’re entitled for your creations.
Instagram Available for: Streaming
Soundtrack people’s unique and personal Stories all over the world by getting your music on Instagram. Your tracks will be available to over a billion people who use app to share photos and moments every month.
SoundCloud Available for: Streaming
SoundCloud are responsible for building one of the biggest, brightest and best communities of music fans and creators online. With their open platform allowing anyone to share their music with the world it has become a hub for millions. Putting independence first SoundCloud have built thousands of artists careers with a free, open platform to share and grow music. With our SoundCloud Network we help artists make money from their music whilst keeping it free for listeners.
Tidal Available for: Streaming
TIDAL is Jay-Z’s answer to a streaming service that is as much about the artists as the listeners. They became one of the first services to offer high fidelity, FLAC music streaming. They also boast higher payouts than the majority of other streaming services – because they’re for the artist!
Claro-musica Available for: Download & Streaming
Claro-Musica are making music streaming in South America, spreading their library across 16 Latin American countries. Claro-Musica are purveyors of freedom in music listening offering their users offline music, online music, subscriptions, one-time costs – you listen your way.
eMusic Available for: Download
eMusic has been around the block and then some, starting all the way back in 1998. eMusic was one of the very first sites to offer DRM-free MP3 downloads and is one of even fewer to remain after almost 20 years. Their methods are unique, offering a subscription service that allows users to download a certain amount of tracks each month.
Napster Available for: Streaming
Napster are pioneers in the online music game and may be a familiar name to many early 2000’s streamers. After shutting their services down in 2008 their brand was bought up and eventually relaunched to replace Rhapsody
In their 15+ years Napster have surfed the various phases of legality on music online, and are one of few to survive the changing landscape.
Nuuday Available for: Streaming
Nuuday caters to people’s musical needs by working together with Danish telecomms to power the entertainment on their platforms.
Anghami Available for: Download & Streaming
Anghami is a streaming service that launched as a solution to the rife music piracy within the Middle East. In the 5 years since it has launched Anghami has had a massive impact on reforming music piracy in the Middle East and North Africa and has built up over 33 million users on it’s service. Down with piracy, up with streaming!
Kanjian Available for: Download & Streaming

Kanjian are China’s greatest source of music, and not just thanks to our users. With focus on independent and new artists Kanjian balance their services between their own streaming platform and providing music-related institutions with quality new music. Kanjian proudly boast the largest catalogue of indie music in all of Asia.

Pandora Available for: Streaming
Pandora are one of the streaming OG’s and have a reputation to show it. Back in 2000 Pandora Media began with the idea of creating a personal radio station for every individual. People loved it, Pandora boomed, and they are now pioneers of radio-based streaming with one of the largest listener-bases of any Western streaming service.
Expanding on radio, Pandora now offer up a variety of listening choices including radio and streaming subscriptions.
Melon Available for: Download & Streaming
Melon have been enlivening South Korea’s music industry for over 10 years now, offering quality music streams and a download store. Short for ‘melody on’, Melon truly care about music – they even have their own major music awards show every year.
Melon are the leaders for online music in South Korea.
iHeartRadio Available for: Streaming
iHeartRadio is a streaming service with a difference – you guessed it, they’re all about radio. They offer up thousands of radio stations from the top networks like ESPN and Fox down to your town’s local channel. Best of all, iHeartRadio brings all of your favorite stations direct to you for free. iHeartRadio have expanded in recent years to include popular podcasts as well as introducing a Premium service with a more traditional music streaming approach. They now stand side-by-side with the top streamers in the world.
JioSaavn Available for: Streaming
JioSaavn brings your music to over 250+ million new ears across the world. The Indian streaming service has built itself primarily on their epic catalogue of Indian and Bollywood music since launch in 2007. Today JioSaavn is one of music streaming’s big guns with it’s users and music spreading to all corners of the globe.
Bugs! Available for: Download & Streaming
Offering the highest quality music to South Korea, Bugs! will take your music to brand new listeners and beyond.
AWA Available for: Download & Streaming
AWA are leading the music streaming revolution in Japan. AWA offers on-demand music streaming to the country as the country’s deep-rooted love for music go online for their fix of the latest and greatest tunes. AWA has more than 10 million users waiting to hear your music.
YG Available for: Download & Streaming
YG Entertainment are the South Korean mega-label behind the viral hit Gangnam Style. We’ve partnered with Vibe and Naver, two of their music services, to take your music to even further corners of the globe. South Korea love streaming music with over 10 million people listening on Naver Music alone – that’s one fifth of the population. Treat South Korea to your music and who knows, you could be the next Psy.
Netease Available for: Download & Streaming
NetEase is one of the ‘Big 3’ in Chinese music streaming. More than 600 million listeners are signed up across China to get their music fix on NetEase. They have a massive influence in music and one of the biggest audiences in the world for unlimited online music streaming. Don’t miss out on a potential 600 million new fans and select NetEase when you upload your music.
Tencent Available for: Download & Streaming
Tencent Music are the leaders in Chinese music streaming. They run a variety of China’s most popular music apps such as QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo which together have over 700 million monthly active users. Now Tencent have the pleasure of bringing your music to their massive audience on all of their great music services when you select them through RouteNote. Tencent are responsible for more than 50% of the music streaming market in China – an audience that could be your new biggest fans.
TikTok Available for: Video Streaming
Tik Tok is a leading social media platform that comes in the shape of a video sharing mobile app. Available on both IOS and Android, Tik Tok has over 800 million downloads worldwide and boasts an impressive 120 million active monthly users. Home to user generated lip-synching videos, comedy and talent videos, Tik Tok is available in over 150 markets and in 75 languages and has served as the launch pad for the longest serving no.1 in chart-history to date.
Kuack Media Available for: Streaming
Open your music up to over 600,000 mobile users all across Latin America and the Caribbean. Kuak have been cornering emerging markets as fresh digital listeners pop up within them to find a whole new audience of people ready to explore the wealth of music online.
Qobuz Available for: Download & Streaming
For music heard at its best, Qobuz and their 200k+ subscribers led the way. The first streaming service to offer CD quality music, they paved the way for other HD streamers like TIDAL. With a Hi-Res download store as well, they’re an audiophile’s best friend.