Privacy Policy


Collection and use of information

It is our responsibility to protect your personal information. This policy is explained and how your personal information is used on


This privacy policy does not apply to the websites of our affiliates, affiliates or third parties, even if referred to on the site. So we encourage you to review the privacy policy of other parties you wish to deal with. When you use the services available on the site, some information such as your name, contact addresses, credit card or debit card will be requested. This information is stored and stored on computers or in a secure and encrypted format.


What information will we collect?


• Personal information including your email address, name, phone number, device identification number, and IP address.
• Transaction information, including flight program details.
• Booking information, including destinations and dates.
• Other information, including information about your browsing of the site.


We will use this information in the following ways:


• Fulfill our agreement with you including processing flights, activities, hotel and package bookings, sending your route and schedule, or communicating with you if there is any problem with your booking.
To register your name on our website, you can manage your account on our website to receive all our services. You can also unsubscribe by contacting us if you no longer wish to enjoy these services.
• To answer any query you have sent to us by e-mail.
• For direct marketing purposes, as detailed below.
It is essential that we know all passenger names or names associated with bookings. If you made a reservation on behalf of someone else, you should have agreed to use their personal information. We will complete the procedures based on the above approval.


What will this information be used for? With additions will be included:


• To make reservations, purchase tickets, and payment transactions in the services available on the site.
• To give you a special experience and provide the best services (and work to meet your individual needs best by providing us with your personal information).
• To improve site performance: (We always strive to improve the site’s services based on the information we receive from you).
• To improve customer service (this information helps us better answer your customer service requests, support their needs, and analyze traffic on the site).
• Manage any contest, promotion, survey, or other site feature.
• To send messages to e-mail or SMS, notifications to users through the site or application or other means available to provide all services, and answer all queries, requests, and other questions.
• To respond to queries from the authorities regarding your use of the site and the services available to you.
• Automatic logging of data entry.


Sure, you are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password, and your personal account information. Please be careful to keep this information, especially when you are online.


How do we use your personal information?


We will use all information provided by you or we have been able to develop and improve the services provided to you and all of our customers and provide you with the latest news about our new applications, services and special offers via mail, e-mail, telephone or otherwise. We may sometimes notify you of new products, services and offers to specific third parties if you accept the option to receive our newsletter and the latest updates during the registration process.


What do we share your information with? We may share your information as follows:

• All branches of customer service team offices.
• For other trusted parties that we deal with to provide certain services such as: making available to our customers the booking of flights, completion of booked flights, rental of cars, booking of a hotel, completion of tourist reservations, activities or other services quickly and easily.
• Customs, immigration or other regulatory authorities in the country of departure or destination in order to comply with the law in those countries.
• Other parties participating in the credit card license policy.
• If we have a mission to do so or if the law allows us to do so.
• For our staff and agents to do one of the tasks we referred to above, now or in the future.
• Partner organizations that are part of our company, our parent company and others, and we are able to provide you with information about services and products related to trips and others that may interest you. These companies will have a specific authority to access your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy. These companies will also comply with applicable communications laws, which at the very least gives you the opportunity to choose not to receive similar messages via their commercial e-mail in the future.


If you choose not to share some of the required personal information, you will be able to visit our page but you may not be able to access certain options or services.


Transfer your personal data:


In the context of committing to specific activities in a privacy policy, we may send personal information to countries that do not have data protection laws or countries where privacy and other fundamental rights are not protected on a large scale.
We will only provide information to provide and fulfill all the services you have requested from us, in order to fulfill our commitment to third parties for your service, or to disclose information required by law or on a regular basis.


What you need to know when you use your app on your mobile or tablet:


When using mobile applications, we collect and use information about you in the same way and for the same purposes that we do when you use our site.

We also add the information we collect when using our site, and use some of the other information that we collect automatically when you use our mobile applications. specially:


• We automatically collect information about the mobile application, which you can access and use. Allowing us to identify the areas of interest of our customers to mobile applications, and to be able to develop and improve permanently. This information we have collected for this purpose does not allow us to identify you directly. Each mobile app sends us a unique device identifier or “UDI”, a series of unique numbers or characters for your mobile phone, a unique device ID for advertisers or “IDFA”, and a unique device identifier for providers or “IDFV” “He said. We only use them when we first use mobile apps to confirm the results of our download data from our ad banners and marketing tools for our ad network.
• When using the mobile application, you can choose to allow access to your current location – a feature provided by your mobile phone using GPS or similar technologies – to identify hotels or airports near you. If you choose to allow this feature to be enabled, the memory of this site may anonymously collect information about your site as part of the queries recorded by our server to deliver relevant marketing messages and improve your experience. You can also deactivate the feature of your location in the mobile app at any time through your mobile settings menu. However, this may limit the use of location-based services or options available on our mobile app.
• You can continuously control the quality of the information sent through the mobile application to us. You can control this service either by making some adjustments to your mobile app settings under Settings menu or changing your mobile phone settings. Instead, you can remove the mobile application from your mobile device entirely and access our services through our website.


Our policy on cookies:


There is a technique called “cookies” that we can use to give you customized information from our website or mobile applications. Cookies are an element of data on a mobile site or application that can be sent to your browser and stored on your system later.

Cookies allow us to see who has seen our pages and ads, to determine how many times we’ve visited specific pages and identified the most visited points on our site. It also allows us to make it easier to use the site and application of the traveler, for example allowing us to take you to the language that was used on the site at the last time, to give you a better experience when reusing the site. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. But you do not have to accept cookies, but you should read the information on your browser to see how it is set up to send you an alert when you receive the cookies, and then you can decide to accept them.


** This is an accepted version till end of Nov 2019 and soon the new version where coming because it is under revision !