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Who Is DR.Orfli?

He is “MOHAMMED AHMAD M ORFLI” Popularly Known As “DR.ORFLI” In The Social Media “Instagram And YouTube”.
Born In Jeddah In 10th Nov 1978, Married With Tow Daughter And Living In Jeddah In An Independent House. 
He is a Fitness And Lifestyle Motivator, Catwalk For Brands, Exploring World telling his Tour And Hospitality Selection.
Mohammed has participated with mbc television in the Wipeout sports program in 2009 throughout Endemol media company.
Recently, most of the big event’s organizers or authorities in Saudi Arabia Jeddah contracting with him for the sake of digital making coverages in his Social Media channels.
Moreover, Mohammed began as Gymnastics after decades since November 2011 to change and transform from a fatty body into physics body. He was 146 kg in his weight, full fat and not easy enough to move. Then start a small group of people with him to train harder every other day in NCB club. He starts posting his pictures in his Facebook account and grows up when he joined in the Instagram platform as DR.ORFLI account, why DR? because all his fans named him sometime, Doc, Dr, Doctor … for the reason of providing them with useful information always in various sports fields. From 2016 started as a Catwalk for many brands. Moreover, He is always a motivator, so this is his secret key success of gaining followers every day.


Always smile to people who need to get support.Never stop motivating people who fail or need to understand from where to start. Best known certified as a Team leader in order to move forward with a strict plan.



Operation & Quality Degree In Business


Video Montage - Final Cut, Premiere & After Effects 84%
Photographer & Photoshop & InDesign 83%
Music productions Logic Pro X 71%
Web Design, WordPress, Html & CSS 85%


2018 - Present
Mohamed has established this Institution in response to the request of the business market during this period, where Mohammed Ahmad Mustafa Orfli , contracts with companies and institutions with competence in the areas of advertising or marketing activities. It is also the task of this institution to organize exhibitions, conferences, events and activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based in Jeddah. 
1998 - Present
Professional In Business, started since July 1998 with many companies till present and gained an excellent experience in policies and procedures, compliance, information security, and risk management. Mohammed has got many certificates that are related to Quality management such as Six Sigma, ISO, plus several courses in business.

References to his collaborations:

Credit Links to Him

Appeared in (mbc) tv channel at Wipeout Program.

Hosting on the (Rotana Khalijeah) tv channel In the program youth hour talking about the importance of sports.

Broadcast interview at (Rotana Khalijeah) talking on Ohara event details.

Broadcast interview at (Rotana Khalijeah) talking on Word actions cause festival details.

Appeared on the Al Bilad newspapers, talking with the new Minister of Education Suggestions on the development of education

Appeared on the Al Madinah newspapers, as an event influencer.

Appeared on NEWS WEEK ARABIA newspapers, in the ISDB Conference, China Expo & The Indonesian Expo.

My appearance in most press conferences as media such as WWE, AC Milan, Mohammed Ali Clay Cup, Saudi National Day, CYS Forums …

My participation in the character of Kratos COMICON.

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